Casegen is an application generator, similar in concept to Telon but surpassing it in ease of use, features and functionality. It could be regarded as the next step for Telon sites – how Telon would be if it was developed today perhaps.

Casegen utilises a wealth of Windows features to make the product easy to learn and highly effective in use, offloading all the TSO editing and generation tasks from the mainframe. While many customers choose to transfer the generated COBOL or PLI to the mainframe for change control, compilation and testing, all these functions can be carried out on the PC if a product such as MicroFocus MFE is installed.

Casegen supports online and batch programming for CICS and IMS/DC environments, along with VSAM, DB2, DL/I and Sequential data access. Support for other databases eg ADABAS or IDMS, can be effected through manually added calls. Casegen produces high quality well structured COBOL or PLI with none of the runtime dependency of Telon.

Casegen’s three window interface gives the developer everything he needs at his fingertips. At the click of a mouse any and all parts of the program can be displayed and the syntax aware source editor can be used to view, create and maintain code, whether manually keying or using the full range of Windows features eg cut and paste.
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The fully featured screen painter allows screens to be designed and created in a fraction of the time. Complex arrays can be defined with the mouse and a few keystrokes. Screen fields and text can be dragged and dropped as required. Common errors such as field overlay are completely eliminated. Both BMS and MFS screens painters are available.
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In its day, Telon gave sizeable productivity increases over traditional development techniques. Casegen now offers improvements of an even greater magnitude over Telon.
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