Casegen is our Windows based, easy to learn application development tool. It offers all the application design and generation features that CA-Telon does and much more besides. Its underlying functionality is similar in structure to CA-Telon, and consequently experienced CA-Telon developers can become proficient in its use after a single days training.

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Migration to Casegen would be of interest to sites who continue to develop and maintain their Telon based applications but for financial or logistical reasons do not wish to continue to use the Telon software itself.

Aside from the obvious ‘ease of use’ benefits of using a Windows based tool over ‘green screen’ technology, migrating to Casegen has other advantages over Telon:

The migration process is relatively simple and is usually carried out off-site. Initially we analyse the Telon environment and programs and configure Casegen so that it reflects all macro changes, environmental options and setup options specified. All Telon options, environments and databases are supported in Casegen.

We then import the Telon code from the TDF into Casegen which can be used immediately as a full replacement for Telon. As in any conversion exercise, testing the original vs new application is always required. We have developed several tools over the years, including the ‘Casegen Checker’, an intelligent rule-based utility which compares the functionality of the Telon generated program against the Casegen generated one, in order to highlight any discrepancies before delivery back to the client. This helps to minimise testing requirements, although the criticality of the application will normally govern exactly how much testing is deemed necessary. 

It is possible during the migration to make some fundamental platform changes such as changing IMS/DC (IMS/TM) applications into CICS applications.

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