Installing replacement versions of Telon run-time modules would only be of interest to sites who do not have a maintenance requirement for their Telon applications.

With this option, the existing Telon generated Cobol or PLI programs are retained and simply re-linked using the Casegen supplied replacement runtime modules. This Telon-generated code is not to the same high-standard as the Casegen-generated code and can be difficult to follow as it uses older cobol standards. This can have a major impact on maintenance costs if not using a development tool.

Casegen has developed replacements for all run-time modules including the very complex LINEOPT options which have been installed and proven in sites across the globe.

The process is very straightforward, existing applications are simply re-linked and this can typically be carried out over a weekend. These replacement modules will have been used in other sites and may be used by multiple programs so the testing requirements are minimal. Consequently the Telon licences can be cancelled within a short timeframe.

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